Independence Landing Application Number Assignment Day is May 20th

Based on feedback from prospective residents and their families, you will now be able to begin the application process by going through a drive-through, instead of standing in line. We believe this will make the experience easier and more accessible for all applicants. It will also allow applicants that cannot appear in person to begin the application process by sending a designated representative in their place. 

Here’s how the new procedure will work. 



How do I get my application reservation?

On Saturday, May 20th, applicants, or their designated representatives, will be able to visit a drive-through application line at Florida State University School (aka Florida High), 3000 School House Road in Tallahassee, FL beginning at 9:00 AM and ending at 12:00 PM. There will be signs at Florida High identifying where the line begins. Vehicles will not be permitted on school grounds prior to 8:00 AM. Numbers will only be given to prospective residents who have completed an individual assessment and have been notified of their eligibility.


What if I cannot come in person?

Applicants who cannot come in person, cannot send a representative, or do not make it to the drive-through in time can email [email protected] AFTER 12:00PM on May 20th. Those applicants will receive application numbers in the order in which their emails are received which will follow the last number issued at drive-through. Please note, no email will be accepted prior to 12:00 PM on May 20th.


Will I complete my application at that time? 

No. Instead of completing the entire application at that time, each applicant or their designated representative will receive an application number/reservation.



When will I complete my application?

Royal American Management, Independence Landing’s selected property manager (RAM), will contact potential residents based on their application number/reservation and provide the assigned date and location for application processing. (Independence Landing will record this application number in case you lose it.) Royal American Management will contact you prior to this date.



Will we need to get out of the car?

No. Applicants or their designated representatives will be able to stay in their car throughout the entire process.



What information will I need to provide on May 20?

The name of the prospective resident and the best email address and phone to use to contact them about their application. They will then receive a ticket with their application number as well as the date of their application processing day.



What if I need to get more than one application number/reservation?

Only one ticket will be given to each car unless there are multiple prospective residents in the same car because a service provider has driven multiple clients. In this case, those prospective residents will have to decide their own order. (Please notify Independence Landing ahead of time if this is the case.) Multiple tickets will also be allowed for cars with a designated representative that represents multiple family members who are applying. (Again, please notify Independence Landing ahead of time if this is the case).



Who makes the decisions on the completed applications?

Royal American Management (RAM). While Independence Landing (IL) is managing the process of distributing application numbers, RAM will be making all decisions regarding eligibility, the acceptance of applications, and the assignment of rental rates and roommates (if applicable). Families will be working directly with RAM for the entirety of the application process.


It’s our intention that this application number distribution process be convenient and accessible for everyone. If you have any questions about the drive-through on May 20th or any other aspect of the application process, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].