Interested Residents


Independence Landing, Inc, LLC is a non-profit affordable housing, planned community with amenities for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  As such, we are required to follow laws and rules set forth in Florida statute regarding income eligibility and definitions of disability.  Additionally, the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, which is providing tax credit funding for the construction requires each entity providing housing to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to have contracts with an independent experienced housing property manager and a supported living services provider to ensure appropriate supports and resources are made available to residents.   Construction will begin in May 2022 with the first residents moving in March/April 2023.

Property Management

Independence Landing has contracted with Royal American Management Company for the management of apartment operations, including, but not limited to, apartment leasing, maintenance, and determining income eligibility.

Housing Eligibility:

  • Residents must be at least 18 years of age
  • Residents must submit to background screening
  • Annual combined income, which includes benefits, earned income and investment income cannot exceed $29,400 for initial eligibility (Maximum income and rental rates are published each Spring) Income eligibility is only considered at initial application and move-in. Individuals will not be disqualified if their income increases while living at Independence Landing.
  • Residents must have monthly resources sufficient to pay rent, utilities, food, independent living expenses, etc.
  • Residents must have a co-signer on the lease, if it is determined that combined benefits and earned income are less than $1,300 per month
  • Residents must have no illegal drug use or criminal behaviors

Required Criteria

Identified sources of payment for expanded services and supports (i.e. Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Medicaid Waiver, or Private Pay).  All residents must have private pay or Medicaid Waiver services in place at all times throughout their residency.

  • Participation in supported living assessment to determine level of supports needed
  • Ability to live independently in an apartment setting without significant staff supervision and assistance
  • Awareness of basic safety issues and capable of seeking help
  • Social compatibility – ability to engage in village and community life and activities with acceptable behavior
  • Motivated to participate in community employment, volunteerism or community programs
  • Confident in making decisions and expressing preferences, including the choice of an apartment-mate if applicable
  • Ability to keep living quarters orderly, prepare simple meals and maintain personal grooming
  • Independence Landing is not designed for residents who require 24/7 support and/or care. Independence Landing is also not designed to control friends and relationships, dictate lifestyle decision-making, restrict eating, wellness, or other lifestyle decisions.

Service Coordination

All residents will receive service coordination assistance which will include identifying local/state/national resources, eligibility for benefits, and participation in a job club.  These services will be provided at no cost to the resident.

Independent Living Assessment

Each prospective resident will participate in an independent living needs assessment to determine their eligibility to live independently in an apartment setting without requiring significant staff support.  Independence Landing will schedule an assessment appointment with prospective residents who have completed the interest survey.  Residents will be responsible to pay $200 for the assessment.

Independent Living Services and Supports

Independence Landing has contracted with Specialized Supports and Services an experienced Tallahassee IDD service provider to provide supported living coaching and other services and supports to residents.  Specialized Supports and Services will provide services to all residents paying privately.   Individuals who are receiving Medicaid Waiver funded services can select Specialized Supports and Services or another provider of their choice.

Auxiliary Activities

Independence Landing will offer an array of recreational onsite and offsite activities and events, which are staff directed.  These enriched activities will provide residents with many opportunities for social engagement, community participation and exploration, recreational and leisure pursuits and much more.  Participation in Auxiliary Activities will also make available transportation to shopping, medical and other community events.

Auxiliary Activities will be included for all private paying residents.  Individuals receiving services through Medicaid-Waiver will be encouraged to purchase monthly Auxiliary Activities to benefit from the Independence Landing lifestyle.

Estimated Monthly Costs to Live in Independence Landing

Rent:                              $ 915 one bedroom   $ 1,103 two-bedroom

ELECTRICITY:               $75-$95 rent credit depending on unit; costs over credit will be paid by resident

Cable/Internet/Cell :   $125

Food:                           $300

Personal Spending:     $200

Independent Living     $1,200 (private pay, includes auxiliary services)

Medicaid Waiver                     $350 (auxiliary activities)

Evening Meal – an evening meal will be available for purchase Monday-Friday (will not be available until 2024)

*A limited number of apartments will be available to residents at a lower rent who are income qualified.  A two-bedroom apartment can be shared with another eligible resident.

**Personal spending varies based on individual needs and resources

*** Medicaid Waiver residents who purchase auxiliary services have access to transportation, on and off campus social and recreational activities, which are staff directed